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Working Together

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Integration is a key aspect of our educational program. All students attend their home schools on Mondays, with a focus on increasing integration to full time attendance at their home school following their time at Arndell School (up to 4 Terms).

Arndell class teachers will visit home schools on a regular basis to liaise with the class teachers. Daily feedback is emailed between the schools reporting progress on classroom behaviours and social skills in each setting. 

Although every student's transition plan is different and can happen at various stages along the program, an example of transition occurs over the final 5 weeks of the Arndell School Program. Our aim is to give students the most successful re-integration back to their home schools as possible. It is beneficial to give students more time to generalise the skills learnt at Arndell to their Home School. Therefore we like to collaborate with parents/carers and staff at Home School to make the best Integration program possible. We like to be flexible.